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A close friend of mine has embarked on a new business venture selling eco friendly ear phones…check out the new innovation here

My Pops had recently celebrated reaching the grand age of 70 years!!

To celebrate he had a party, for which I was asked to design the invite. I jumped at the chance as it meant I got the opportunity to do some illustration work on the Wacom!! And as he used to be a flight test pilot I had no problems deciding what the subject matter should be!

Happy Birthday ol bean!!

On a recent visit to London’s Design Museum it was great to see the “Designed to Win” exhibition. I particularly enjoyed seeing the ways in which design has shaped the sporting world and checking out the mountain bikes on display, being a keen cyclist myself. In an iconic year for sport it was great to see the impact design can have on performance.

Designed to win at the Design Museum


There’ll always be a place in my heart for Actionscript! I spent so long getting my head round the syntax that it’d keep me awake at night swimming round my head!!

Then Steve Jobs (God bless him) goes and changes things!!!

Ah well, it still gave me an understanding of the basic code language that I can apply to other scripted languages!!